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Yeti Arctic Attack 1.0 Intermediate (Flex65)

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The YETI "Arctic Attack 1.0" XGrip Composite Stick is here to elevate your game to the next level! Built with the elite level player in mind, this stick has all the features you would want in a top of the line stick.
The YETI shaft is made of a Lightweight UD Carbon Fiber Composite Construction and is the perfect balance between durability and weight reduction. Our UD ultra flex carbon fiber is 20% lighter and absorbs impacts 20% better than 12k carbon used in other brands. The Arctic Attack 1.0 also incorporates our special 'XGrip' sticky finish on the shaft for added grip and feel. This is a true artisan stick for elite level players!

-60 inches (Tip of toe to end of shaft)
-55 inches (Heel to end of shaft)
-405 grams ( 0.8lbs )
 Blade Curve Face Toe Length
Y28 Mid Toe Open Round Medium
Y88 Mid Open Round Medium
Y92 Toe Slightly Open Round Medium